Status Lights

Doxie One has a status light, which tells you the current status of the scanner.

Status Light Indications

The status light indicates the status of the scanner. It’s the wide light below the power button.

No status. Doxie is off.

Doxie is busy. It’s turning on, saving a scan, reading from memory, etc.

Doxie is on and ready to scan.

Doxie is reporting an error condition. Here’s how to troubleshoot:

If Doxie stops responding to pushing the button and appears to “freeze,” unplug the AC adapter and remove any batteries (if used). No scans will be lost.

If your batteries are getting low, this can also cause Doxie One to freeze - remove and recharge your batteries. Please note, Doxie One only works with NiMH batteries — if you’re using alkaline batteries Doxie One is bound to lock up and fail to feed properly.

If your Doxie One is still reporting an error condition, contact Doxie Customer Care and let us know.