Why is Doxie freezing or not feeding with alkaline batteries?

If Doxie One freezes up, refuses to feed, turns off in the middle of a scan, or shows strange light patterns while using batteries, you’re probably using alkaline batteries against our recommendation. Doxie One works off wall power, or with Ni-MH AAA batteries.

If you use batteries to power Doxie One, you must use Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. If you use alkaline batteries, Doxie One is bound to lock up and fail to feed properly.

There’s more information on this in the included Quick Start Guide and on a sticker placed inside the battery door.

So, don’t use alkaline batteries – use rechargeable batteries instead.

To start scanning right away, take out the alkaline batteries and connect Doxie via its included adapter for power. And if you’d like to use Doxie on battery power, pick up some Ni-MH batteries and you should be good to go!

We use and recommend eneloop brand batteries. They’re terrific.