Doxie won't feed sheets at all

If Doxie won’t feed any sheets at all, there’s a few reasons why this might be the case:

  1. Are you using alkaline batteries? Doxie One doesn’t function properly with alkaline batteries – use only Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
  2. Are you inserting your sheets aligned to the left? Insert paper to the left, face up, and level.
  3. Try feeding Doxie’s calibration sheet. Does it feed? If it does, then Doxie’s working, but you’re seeing inconsistent feeding. Here’s how to fix.
  4. Do you hear a buzzing or grinding sound? If Doxie won’t feed at all and you hear a loud buzzing sound, this indicates a rather rare condition with Doxie’s feed motor, sometimes the result of a substantial jolt during shipping. We’ll need to replace Doxie if it’s doing this: please contact Doxie Customer Care for assistance — we promise to make things right for you.
  5. Do you have an SD card inserted? Doxie One flashes rapidly if there’s no SD card inserted. Turn Doxie off, firmly insert your SD card into the SD card slot on the back, then power Doxie back on. Also, take a look at the lock switch on your SD card and make sure it is not locked.
  6. Are you using a compatible SD card? Most SD cards will work with Doxie One, though there are certain types that are not compatible. If you have an incompatible SD card, Doxie One will flash rapidly and refuse to feed. Here’s more information on compatible SD cards.