Doxie tries to feed, but the document won't go in consistently

It’s important that you prefeed and hold your sheet in. Here’s a short video on how to get great scans:

  1. Start by inserting your paper quickly, until it stops. Hold until Doxie grabs it. This is called prefeeding.
  2. For the best results prefeeding, support both sides of the page so the document is grabbed squarely.
  3. If you hear Doxie prefeed before you’ve fully inserted the page, remove it, and try again.
  4. Make sure you’re feeding your page straight and level. Don’t feed the page from a high angle.

Sometimes, with pages fresh out of a laser printer, there will be a bit of a curl to the end of the page. This might make feeding difficult for the first hour after printing. Turn the page around, and insert it from the other end. You can easily rotate scans within Doxie’s software.

Doxie has a small paper guide on the right side of the feed slot. Move it entirely out of the way.

Clean your Doxie if it seems like something is in the paper path. Sometimes, we discover that the issue with skewed scans is the result of glue or another substance that’s stuck in the paper path.

It shouldn’t be terribly hard to scan. It’s rare, but technically possible, that if you just can’t get your documents to scan straight that there’s something wrong with Doxie’s feed motor (especially if one side very consistently skews). If you think something’s wrong with your Doxie’s feeder, contact Doxie Customer Care and we’ll take care of you.