Doxie One sunset product status

Updated March 9th, 2017

As of March 2017, we’ve stopped manufacturing new Doxie One scanners in favor of our other terrific document scanner models. If you have a Doxie One (lucky you!), you’ve still got a super-amazing Doxie scanner that’s both fully supported by both us and the Doxie software. So, nothing has changed for you.

I wanted to buy a Doxie One. What do I do?

Buy one of our other terrific Doxie scanners – they can do everything Doxie One could do, plus more.

I own a Doxie One. What’s this mean for me?

Nothing. Doxie One is in sunset status, meaning we aren’t making more but that it’s a fully supported Doxie product. We provide full customer service and warranty service for your scanner, and the current Doxie software fully supports your Doxie One.