How do I automatically crop scans?

Doxie Flip can automatically crop square and rectangular originals like paper photos (Doxie 2.6 and later). Here's how to do it:

  1. Place your original at the top right of the scan area (where the arrow is).
  2. Close the lid. This provides a clean white background that the Doxie app can use to assist in automatic cropping.
  3. Import your scans. 4x6" photos are automatically detected and cropped; for other sizes, simply double click the scan and click the Auto Crop button.

Tip: 4x6" photos will automatically crop. For other sizes, select the Auto Crop button or the batch menu option to trigger cropping -- this design is intentional to avoid the possibility of cropping out content you might actually want (since, unlike more traditional scanners, the presence of the lid and the scanner's position is not a given).

Tip: You can select a number of scans and select Scans > Doxie Flip Auto Crop from the menu bar to do cropping in a big batch. It's very fast.