Doxie Flip (2013) obsolete product status

Updated April 11th, 2023

As of June 2020, we've stopped manufacturing new Doxie Flip (2013) scanners.

I own one of these models. What's this mean for me?

Doxie Flip is are obsolete – we haven't made them in a number of years, and they now have limited support, in terms of hardware and customer service. There's a few options you have as the owner of these models:

  1. Visit the software download page to download the latest software that's compatible with your scanner. The software for your Doxie may still work with current computers, so you can get up and scanning with your existing scanner.

  2. Take advantage of our Doxie Obsolete Replacement Program, and get a brand new, fully supported Doxie at a discount.

Can I get a new Doxie at a discount?

Absolutely - find out more about our Doxie Obsolete Replacement Program here.

How can I receive technical support or warranty service for my Doxie?

We have a very limited ability to provide support for these old models due to their age. That said, this help website (the site you're on now) provides detailed setup, use, and troubleshooting information for your Doxie. Use the navigation bar on the left to access all of the information we do have available.

If you still need help, please feel free to contact Doxie Customer Care with your questions, with the understanding that we may be unable to help. Our ability to support the product due to its age is extremely limited, but we will do our best.

The models listed above have not been sold for a number of years and are no longer covered under a manufacturer warranty.