How do I stitch scans together?

AutoStitch seamlessly combines multiple overlapping scans by matching their identical features. This lets you use Doxie Flip to scan large originals.

Doxie Flip isn't intended to replace a traditional letter/A4 scanner like our other Doxie models, but has been specifically designed to allow you to scan larger objects – even spreads, posters, and fabrics – into a single, giant image.

To make this work, Doxie's software includes AutoStitch technology. By making multiple, slightly overlapping scans, Doxie's app "stitches" it all into one seamless image.

Create Overlapping Scans

Stitch in Doxie's app

Import your scans, then use the Stitch button at the bottom of the Doxie window. Select multiple overlapping scans from Doxie Flip (hold down the shift key to select a range of scans) and then click the Stitch button.

(If you don't see the Stitch button, make sure you're using Doxie 2.5 or later, and that you've selected images from Doxie Flip.)

Stitching Tips

To achieve the best results from AutoStitch:

Troubleshooting Tips