Doxie Go Original Series has been discontinued since 2017 and is now obsolete. Limited support is available on this help site. Click here for more information. Have a Doxie Go SE or another newer Doxie model? Click here for current Doxie product support.

Doxie isn't charging properly via wall power.

Doxie's included power adapter connects to the scanner's circular power connector. When you connect to power, the light will turn orange to indicate Doxie is charging – when the battery is full, no light will show.

If you're not getting power (no orange light) or not getting power consistently (flickering orange light):

Some Doxie models require you to push the power plug firmly into Doxie until you feel a "click." If your power adapter doesn't seem to properly provide power to Doxie or falls out easily, it's most likely that your Doxie's power plug hasn't been fully inserted, so it's falling out easily. Push in firmly, and you'll see the light turn solid orange.

If you still don't see the orange light on connection, this indicates a rather rare condition with Doxie’s power adapter. We’ll need to replace your power adapter if it’s doing this: please contact Doxie Customer Care for assistance — we promise to get you a prompt replacement. If we need to replace your adapter, you can still charge Doxie via USB. Charge Doxie via your USB port, disconnect from USB, then turn on Doxie to start scanning.