Doxie Go Original Series has been discontinued since 2017 and is now obsolete. Limited support is available on this help site. Click here for more information. Have a Doxie Go SE or another newer Doxie model? Click here for current Doxie product support.

Set Up Doxie Go

  1. Plug in Doxie to power and charge.
    Plug Doxie into a power outlet with the included power adapter. (No power adapter?) The power light turns orange – you can set up and use Doxie while it charges.

    When Doxie’s battery is fully charged, the power light turns off. You can then disconnect Doxie and scan anywhere – no computer or power outlet required.
  2. Turn on Doxie and calibrate.
    Hold the power button for a moment. When the status light stops blinking, Doxie is ready.

    Insert the included calibration sheet, face up – Doxie will automatically calibrate, completing the setup process.

That's it! Now you're ready to scan. Next, learn more about scanning...