Why isn't the Doxie app recognizing the scanner when it's connected via USB?

If you've connected Doxie to your computer via USB and launched the Doxie app, but the software isn't recognizing the scanner, there are three very common reasons why:

  1. You haven't turned on your scanner. Doxie doesn't automatically turn itself on when you connect it. Press and hold the power button for a couple seconds to turn Doxie Go SE on - the LED on the power button will turn green or orange to show that Doxie is on, and now you’re ready to transfer.

    Take note: A red light on the scanner means the scanner is charging and off – and it won't be seen by your computer. If Doxie is charging and you want to turn your scanner, turn it on.

  2. You have Wi-Fi turned on. If you have Wi-Fi turned on, you won’t be able to access Doxie’ via USB – when Wi-Fi is on, the SD card is locked so your computer won’t be able to connect to it too, creating a conflict. So make sure you’ve turned off Wi-Fi before connecting via USB to transfer.

  3. Doxie doesn't have any scans on it. Doxie might not be recognized by your computer if there isn't at least one scan in memory. Scan something, then try importing again.

  4. Doxie is in Tethered Mode. If Doxie's light is solid white, the scanner is in Tethered Mode – a special mode that disabled memory-based access. To download scans, turn off this mode by pushing the back button.

Less common things to try if Doxie still isn't recognized