Doxie is not turning on.

Most likely issue: Did you remove the protective plastic for the battery?

Before using Doxie for the first time, make sure you activate Doxie's battery. Turn Doxie over, open the battery door, pull the tab, and remove plastic. Push the battery back in and close the door. Read these instructions as part of Doxie's setup.

If there's no battery tab, open the battery door – if there's no battery inside, your battery is packed separately in the box. Insert the battery, making sure the plus and minus symbols are aligned.

If you have removed the plastic and Doxie still doesn't turn on, most likely the battery needs charging.

Recharge Doxie's battery. If the battery is completely drained, you might need it a few minutes to get an initial charge enough to turn Doxie on.

One of these things should do the trick. But if not, there may be an issue with your Doxie's battery: please contact Doxie Customer Care for assistance — we promise to get you a prompt replacement.