Lines or smears appear on my scans.

Vertical lines

Most common. Doxie's image sensor is dirty. Clean it and your lines should disappear!

Horizontal lines or smears

Not common. Usually seen with very thick paper.

If you see horizontal lines or smears toward the top of your scans, this is usually the result of scanning very thick photos, very heavy paper, plastic cards, or Polaroids with a scanner that needs a good cleaning.

  1. Clean your Doxie's rollers very well. This is the primary cause of horizontal lines. Dirty rollers won't affect scanning performance with regular paper, but for particularly thick items, dirty rollers will reduce the friction needed for Doxie to scan evenly. Clean your Doxie's rollers, and be careful to clean all sides of both sets of the bottom rollers.
  2. Be aware of Doxie's paper thickness limit (.68 mm). Doxie can scan most all paper and cardstock without a problem. If you're scanning very thick paper, plastic cards, or Polaroids, read the following pages for specific information on scanning each of these types of items.

If you're still seeing a horizontal line on your scans after reviewing this information, send us a sample scan and let us know what kind of document you're trying to scan. We'll figure it out for you.

Other kinds of lines or distortion

Are you seeing other kinds of lines or distortion in your scans that aren't covered by this article? Send us a sample scan and we'll figure it out for you.