My very long document stopped scanning midway through.

Doxie Go SE reads up to 30" (76 cm) per scan, covering all standard types of letter and legal-sized documents worldwide along with some exceptionally long receipts. If your paper is unusually long, the scanner will stop scanning. Open the cover and remove the paper.

Doxie must have a defined page length limit because it's a standalone scanner, and has limited memory capacity to write scan files.

Due to this limitation, there isn't an ideal way to scan abnormally long documents or receipts, but here's a few workarounds that might help.

Workaround #1: Fold your sheet in half

  1. Fold your sheet in half with the content you want to scan on the outside.
  2. Scan both sides of the folded sheet. Always insert the folded edge into the scanner first.
  3. Use the Doxie app to rotate your scans as needed. Staple your scans to create one PDF file (two pages) with your content.

Workaround #2: Cut your sheet in half

If it's feasible, cut your sheet in half and scan both sheets, then staple the scans in Doxie's app. Doxie Carrier Sheets might also be helpful to you here, depending on paper type.