Doxie tries to feed, but the document doesn't start moving.

When inserting a page, insert it quickly and firmly hold it in place until you feel Doxie grab and pre-feed the page. Make sure that you hold it against the rollers until Doxie pre-feeds the page.

If the page isn't automatically pulled in when the feed motor starts, give it a nudge to get it going.

If you're still having trouble with getting the page to grab and feed, try cleaning Doxie's rollers. After scanning for a long time, dust can become stuck on Doxie’s rollers, causing feeding issues (especially with thick paper).

If Doxie still won't consistently take your document – is it too thick?

Doxie Go SE has a maximum thickness of 0.68 mm. That'll totally cover most all photos, business cards, cardstock, and other thick paper. Plastic cards, ID cards, and credit cards are too thick to feed reliably. So, we don't recommend scanning plastic cards with Doxie Go SE. Learn more about scanning thick paper.