My document stalls and skips as it scans.

Doxie should feed your documents cleanly and evenly. If you see Doxie stall or skip as it scans – especially within a few seconds of insertion as the top of the document is still initially feeding through the scanner – this is usually indicative of a Doxie that has dirty rollers. Little bits of paper have built up on the rollers which reduce the friction needed for Doxie to scan evenly.

If Doxie doesn't scan evenly due to dirty rollers, you'll end up with horizontal lines or smears on your scans when the document "skipped" as it moved over the rollers.

Most often, dirty rollers will cause this sort of trouble with very thick photos, very heavy paper, plastic cards, and Polaroids. So, clean your Doxie's rollers, and your stalling and skipping days shall pass.

(If you're scanning plastic cards and you're seeing stalling, read more here.)

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