How do I search my scans?

Doxie's software is designed to work like an "inbox" for your scans - download your scans, adjust/staple/etc., then send them along to their final destination. This could be a local app, cloud app, or just a folder locally on your computer. There isn’t a way to search the contents of your scans within Doxie’s software, however, depending on what method you're using to save your scans long-term, there are different ways to search them.


Searching file contents on Mac is straight forward using Apple’s Spotlight search feature. One of the simplest approaches is to just save your scans to a folder on your Mac. Apple’s Spotlight search feature will automatically search file contents for keywords, etc. Here’s more information on searching with Spotlight.


In order to search file contents on Windows, you need to make sure Windows is indexing your file contents. Here’s a great article on indexing and enabling Windows Search to search file contents.

Cloud Apps

Each cloud-based service has it’s own level of search ability - some are better than others. Check with the cloud-based service you use for the best way to search within their software.

Local Apps

Like cloud-based apps, local apps will have their own ways of handling searching. Check with the local app you're using for the best way to search within their software.