What information do I need to join Doxie to a Wi-Fi network?

For typical network configurations, you just need to know your network name and password.

If you don’t know your network name (SSID), check to see which network your computer or mobile device is connected to.

If you don’t know your Wi-Fi password, ask around at your home or office. You might have written it down during your Internet setup. If you’re using a router provided by your Internet company, or a router with its default options, the SSID and password might be printed on a label on the device itself.

For advanced Wi-Fi network configurations

Refer to Doxie’s requirements for joining Wi-Fi networks. If you have an advanced network configuration that’s supported (for example, a network requiring a static IP address), ask your system administrator for the specific SSID, security type, password, IP, subnet mask, router, and DNS entries.