Why doesn’t my network appear in the list of available networks?

How far away is Doxie from your router?

During the network setup, Doxie refreshes the list of networks every 5 seconds. If you don’t see your router, the most likely reason is that Doxie is too far away from your router to see it.

Try moving Doxie closer to your router and wait for the router to appear. Also note that Doxie may have a smaller antenna than your laptop, so, it might need to be closer if you’re right on the edge of your Wi-Fi signal. Older buildings with plaster walls (which have a metal mesh inside that blocks radio signals) can also be a major factor.

Does your network require enterprise credentials?

Some large schools and universities require special credentials (username, password, and/or a certificate) to join their Wi-Fi network. Non-computer devices like Doxie can’t connect to Wi-Fi networks with special requirements, so they won't show up on the list.

In this environment, use Doxie's direct network to sync scans. When Doxie isn't joined to a network, it creates its own network you can connect to from any device.

Is your network hidden or cloaked?

If your network is hidden or doesn't broadcast SSID, it may not appear at all, or may simply appear as a MAC address without a network name.

Use the red Join a Private Network button below the network list to join your hidden network instead. (Having trouble?)

Are you using a single band 5GHz router?

Doxie Go SE operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum. Check that you’re using a “dual band” router that supports all types of 802.11n devices, and that you haven’t turned off the 2.4GHz band in your router’s settings.

Is there a lot of interference nearby?

It’s possible that interference is preventing Doxie from connecting. Move closer.

Are you using 802.11 channels 12, 13, or 14?

Doxie Go SE is optimized for North American wireless spectrums. It can’t join channels specific to Japan. Try configuring your wireless router to use a channel between 1 and 11.