The Doxie app sees my Doxie, but won't connect.

In this case, the Doxie app sees your scanner, but you see a "Scanner Not Found" or "there was no response" error. This means that you're on the same network as Doxie and the app sees it, but when you try to connect you see a connection error. (If you don't see the scanner at all, see these FAQs instead.)

There's several common reasons why:

You have some kind of firewall software blocking the Doxie app.

If you have firewall software enabled on your computer, try adding Doxie as an "allowed exception". If that doesn't work, try turning off the firewall entirely.

On Windows, third party firewall software like Norton can block Doxie from communicating even if added to the "exception" list. Try disabling the firewall entirely -- if that works, you should contact Norton or your firewall maker for further assistance. If added to the "exception" list, Doxie should not be restricted from communicating -- so, if turning off the firewall makes it work, you should ask your firewall maker how to configure their software to allow Doxie to work properly.

Do you have multiple network interfaces (Ethernet + Wi-Fi, etc)?

If your computer is connected to Ethernet and Doxie's direct Wi-Fi network at the same time, and your Ethernet network uses a similar IP address scheme as Doxie's network, your computer might prioritize your wired connection over Doxie's Wi-Fi connection.

For example, this might be an issue if you use a Linksys router, and/or if your laptop has an Ethernet connection via an Apple Thunderbolt display.

It's easy to work around this: temporarily disconnect your wired Internet connection so you can talk to Doxie, then set Doxie to join your local Wi-Fi network. This will duck around the issue with the direct network because your computer and Doxie will then be on the same network. You can then reconnect your wired connection.