Other Wi-Fi FAQs

How do I reset Doxie’s Wi-Fi configuration?

Follow these steps to reset your Doxie's Wi-fi system.

How do I access the status of Doxie Go SE's built in memory?

On your Mac or PC, check the status in Preferences > Wi-Fi > Get Info.

Can multiple devices wirelessly access Doxie?

Sure. Any device on the same network as Doxie can access your scans, so it'll work well for an office environment. (If you don't want to share, though, set a password.)

How do I set up Doxie with a non-wireless computer on my network?

Doxie must be configured to join Wi-Fi with a computer that has built-in Wi-Fi. Assuming your computer has a wired connection to your network that also includes wireless devices, you can access Doxie with your wired computer via the network once it's been configured with a Wi-Fi enabled computer.

How do I create a diagnostic file for Doxie Customer Care?

Join Doxie’s direct network, open Preferences > Wi-Fi in the Doxie software, select the scanner, then hold down the Option/Alt key. The Get Info button will change to “Debug,” which will save a data file of diagnostic data from the scanner. Provide us with this file.

Can Doxie join my wireless hotspot?

Doxie isn’t designed to join the hotspot created by your mobile phone, as these are intended to be temporary and to provide Internet access, not to provide access between local devices. Instead, join Doxie’s direct network when you want your scans on the go.