Replacement Doxie Q accessories

If you lost some of the accessories included with your Doxie Q, here's how to find replacements or alternatives.

SD Card

Doxie Q supports SD and SDHC cards, with a maximum size of 32 GB. Larger capacity SDXC cards aren't supported by Doxie Q. A simple, low capacity SD card will fit thousands of scans.

USB cable

Doxie Q uses a standard micro USB cable, like many digital cameras & phones.

If your computer has USB-A ports, get a replacement cable like this.

If your computer has USB-C ports, get a replacement cable like this.

Wall power adapter

This USB wall power adapter from Anker is a suitable replacement. You can also use any other USB power adapter, such as any smart phone charger.

Photo sleeve


Learn more about getting a replacement battery for Doxie Q.

Calibration sheet

Doxie comes pre-calibrated. If you need to recalibrate and you've lost your calibration sheet, replacement calibration sheets are printed using specialized techniques and are a special order from Apparent Corporation – they ship in 1-2 weeks from the date of order and cost $15.

Contact us at Doxie Customer Care and let us know that you'd like to order a replacement calibration sheet for your Doxie Q. Please also provide your Doxie's full serial number and your shipping address.

Microfiber cloth

You can clean Doxie Q's image sensor and rollers with a fine, lint-free microfiber cleaning cloths such as these from MagicFiber.


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