How do I use Doxie's black photo sleeve?

Doxie includes a black photo sleeve to help protect and feed glossy photos. It's also great for small, old, or damaged items. Slip in your original, then insert the sleeve into either the Automatic Document Feeder or the Direct Feed slot. It isn't required for most things, but it does protect your originals and makes scanning these items easier.

In most cases, you can use the Automatic Document Feeder with the photo sleeve. However, if your original is particularly thick, use the Direct Feed slot instead.

If you document is too big for the included photo sleeve, Doxie Q will work with these third-party full size carrier sheets – they have a white background and are well suited for use with Doxie Q.

Photo sleeves wear out over time. If yours is looking worn or dirty, replace it with a fresh one.

Need more photo sleeves?