Doxie academic order policies

Doxie loves teachers and students. In support of education, we offer special pricing on every new Doxie for teachers and currently enrolled students.

To purchase, just visit our Doxie Education page and enter your academic e-mail address. We'll send you a customized coupon code to order.

Does my school qualify for the discount?

What are my options to qualify?

You're a currently active student or teacher at an academic organization anywhere worldwide, and can do one of these things to verify eligiblity:

  1. Enter your academic e-mail address here. If our automatic system can validate your entry (.edu,,, etc.), the system will send you an instant purchase link.
    If your address can't be automatically validated, a request will automatically be e-mailed to Doxie Customer Care for manual validation. We'll visit the website associated with your e-mail address to confirm you're from an eligible organization, then e-mail you back a purchase link on the same or next business day.
  2. If we're still unable to validate your e-mail address by automatic or manual means, e-mail us an image/screenshot/etc of your valid academic ID card or current transcript. Doxie Customer Care will validate your submission, then, if approved, e-mail you a special purchase link. Please be patient while we process your request – if you need to place an order quickly, use an academic e-mail address.

All orders subject to the policies on this page; we reserve the right to reject validation for any reason. Please don't abuse our subsidy program by applying for a discount if you're not an active student or teacher. All orders are reviewed before shipment, and we reserve the right to cancel orders at our discretion. Thank you.

Are non-profit, church, or government discounts available?

Sorry, no. This program is just for academic individuals.

Does Doxie have to be sent to my school address?

We can send your Doxie anywhere you like.

Can I get a discount or rebate on a Doxie purchased from a reseller?

Discounts are provided for purchases via Amazon, or if Amazon doesn't ship to your country, for purchases made directly with the Doxie Store. Other resellers aren't eligible.

Can I stack my academic discount with any other offers?


Are there any other ways to qualify for academic pricing?

Sorry, no. We can only accept specific types of submissions to handle the volume of requests we receive, and also to prevent abuse of the program. It doesn't work if non-academic customers are able to game the system to receive academic discounts.

Does academic pricing apply to large orders?

Sorry, no. This program is only for small orders by students and teachers. If your academic instruction wishes to buy a large quantity of Doxie scanners, visit the Doxie Store for volume purchasing options.