I have both the original Doxie (DX100) and a newer Doxie model.

The original Doxie (DX100) has been discontinued for a number of years and has limited support. While the current versions of the Doxie app no longer support the original Doxie, you can download legacy versions of Doxie app that is fully compatible with the original Doxie.

If you have a newer Doxie model, we highly recommend using the newer model to take advantage of the new features that come with the upgrade. If you have Doxie Q or Doxie Go SE, both models support scanning while connected, so you will be able to easily adapt your workflow with the original Doxie with either models.

But if you would like to continue to use the original Doxie alongside the newer Doxie, there are a couple options:

Option 1: Use legacy versions with both models

Download and install a legacy version of Doxie app. Use it for both the original Doxie and your newer Doxie model. This allows you to only have one install for both models, but you will not be able to take advantage of new feature releases and bug fixes.

The latest version that is compatible with the original Doxie is Doxie 2.10.3. It also supports these newer models:

Option 2: Use different computers for different models

If you have multiple computers, you can download and install a legacy version on one and the current version on another.

Use the computer with the legacy version to import from the original Doxie, and use the computer with the current version to import from the newer model.