Documents skew as they feed (or, “how do I get my scans to feed straight?”)

There's a few important notes to scanning straight with an automatic scanner like Doxie Q:

  1. Make sure the paper guides are flipped up, properly adjusted to the width of the sheet, and that the sheet is under the nubs. If the paper guides are not guiding your sheet as it rolls into the feeder, the sheet will skew to the left or right as it feeds into the scanner.
  2. Scan each type of document separately - don't mix different paper widths, because the paper guides won't be in the right place for every sheet in the stack.

Try scanning with these tips:

  1. Firmly place the stack in the ADF, face down and top of the sheets first.
  2. Place the pages under the nubs of the paper guides.
  3. Adjust the paper guides so that they fit comfortably beside the stack. Leave a touch of wiggle room so that the guides are not squeezing down on the pages.
  4. Lightly tap the top of the stack so that the papers hit a bit of resistance against the feeder. Be careful not to jam the stack into the feeder - a light tap is sufficient.
  5. Use Doxie’s photo sleeve for glossy photos and small items.
    Doxie includes a black photo sleeve to help protect and feed glossy photos. It’s also great for small, old, or damaged items. Slip in your original, then insert the sleeve into either the Automatic Document Feeder or the Direct Feed slot.