Help Installing and Updating Doxie's Desktop Software

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Doxie's desktop software is required to use your Doxie scanner. Install the most recent version of Doxie's desktop software before connecting Doxie to your computer.

Download Here

Download the software by clicking on the link for your operating systems (either macOS or Windows):

(release notes) (system requirements)

How to Install

Download Doxie's software, open the file, and and follow the instructions in the installer.

For detailed instructions about installing software from the internet, visit macOS install instructions or Windows install instructions.

How do I fix a Code 5 installation error?

Windows only. This error likely indicates that you're trying to install/update the Doxie software while the Doxie app is running. Exit the Doxie app, then try to install again.

If you still get an error, reboot and try installing again.

Updating Doxie's Desktop Software

Doxie's software is periodically updated with new features, functionality, and repairs. For the best Doxie experience, we highly recommend updating the software whenever a newer version becomes available.

Open Doxie > "Doxie" menu > "Check for Updates..."

Check for an update by opening Doxie's software and clicking "Check for Updates..." in the "Doxie" menu at the top of your screen. Upon checking, you'll see a window that will either confirm that you're running the most recent version (🎉) or, if you're running an older version, prompt you to update.

Turn on Automatic Updates

Open Doxie > "Doxie" menu > "Preferences..." > "General" tab > "Software Updates" section > "Automatically download and install"

Make sure you're always running the most recent version by turning on automatic updates. Open Doxie's software, click "Preferences..." in the "Doxie" menu at the top of your screen; in the window that opens (the "General" tab), set the "Software Updates" preference to "Automatically download and install"

How to Manually Check Version (Optional)

Open Doxie > "Doxie" menu > "About Doxie" > Version #

The most latest version number of Doxie is listed in the install links above. To manually confirm that you have the most recent version installed, open Doxie's software and click "About Doxie" in the "Doxie" menu at the top of your screen.