Learn about the requirements and technical specifications of Doxie Pro.

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System Requirements

Technical Specifications

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Supported Paper

Min/Max Paper Size (width x length)

Min/Max Paper Thickness (weight)

Min/Max Feeder Capacity:
Based on average 20 lb. printer paper

Min/Max Scanning Speed:
Based on typical 8.5" x 11" (A4) paper. Speeds vary based with paper length (shorter paper will be quicker) and image quality settings (higher resolutions will take longer)

Unsupported Paper

IMPORTANT: Remove all staples, paper clips, labels, stickers, and sticky notes before scanning. Do not scan documents with wet ink, white-out, glue, crayon, or glitter. Attempting to scan such items could cause paper jams, damage the inside of your scanner, and void Doxie's warranty.

Recommendations for Special Items

Certain originals are fragile or made of materials that may damage Doxie's rollers. For these originals, we recommend using Doxie Photo Sleeves in the direct feed slot for best results:

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