Can Doxie Q scan double-sided documents?

Doxie Q is an automatic simplex scanner — that is, it physically scans stacks of paper automatically, and scans one side of a sheet at a time.

That said, the answer is yes: Doxie Q features double-sided interleaved scanning, makes it very easy to scan double-sided sheets and create multi-page PDFs of any size. When scanning double-sided documents, simply scan your stack in one batch, flip the whole stack over, scan the other side, and easily interleave the two stacks into one with a single click in the Doxie app. Here's how.

Can Doxie create multi-page PDFs?

Of course. Doxie Q has a feature called Stapling on both a hardware and software level, allowing multiple pages to be attached together in a single, multi-page, searchable PDF.

When you place a stack of paper in Doxie's feeder, they're automatically grouped together in Doxie's memory and "stapled" when you import the scan into Doxie's software. You can unstaple, reorder, or simply save the scan as a multi-page, searchable PDF. The same applies for longer documents and double-sided documents.

Does Doxie have a one-pass hardware duplex feature?

No. Doxie Q is substantially different than traditional automatic simplex and duplex scanners, offering true mobility with a lot of great benefits over old-school document scanners. Doxie is battery powered (1000 scans per charge), lightweight, small (fits in any drawer!), Wi-Fi enabled, works with iPhone & iPad, includes an on-device status display, touch-sensitive scanning controls, and it's entirely standalone – so it works entirely without a computer.

We've crammed a lot in Doxie Q to fit in a battery, display, on-device interface, standalone CPU (no computer required), and lightweight design. Another image sensor would take considerable space and power. Instead, we chose all of the modern amenities listed above instead. Doxie Q's one-click Interleave feature makes it extremely easy to scan any double-sided documents you may have.