How do I scan a document that's more than 5 sheets?

Doxie Q has an 5-page stack capacity – it turns your stack into a single, multi-page PDF. If you have more than 5 sheets to put into a single PDF, that's easy to do with Doxie's Staple feature. With software stapling, you can put as many pages and stacks as you'd like into a single PDF, in the correct order.

How do I create a single PDF with lots of pages?

  1. Press the Format button on your Doxie until PDF mode is selected.
  2. Scan the first part of your stack (the first 5 pages) with Doxie Q's automatic feeder. (Here's how to scan a stack of paper.)
  3. Scan the next 5 pages, and keep going until you've scanned them all.
  4. Import your scans into the Doxie desktop app. Scanned stacks are imported in the order in which you scanned them. The number in the red box at the bottom left of each scan indicates how many pages are "stapled" into that stack.
  5. Shift-select each stack then click the Staple button. The software will combine all the selected stacks into a single, large stack.
  6. To save a PDF with all the pages, select File > Save as PDF

How do I scan double-sided paper?

Use Doxie's Interleave feature -- here's how.

If you’re scanning a single document that’s double-sided and more than 5 sheets, interleave your "fronts" and "backs" first, then staple those interleaved stacks together. You'll get one large PDF with everything in the right order, front to back.