Scanning a stack of paper with Doxie Q

Doxie's ADF can handle up to 5 sheets of regular printing paper at a time. For thicker paper, like cardstock, scan a smaller stack of 3-4 pages. For best results, follow these scanning tips:

  1. Only scan stacks of paper that are the same width.
  2. Tap your stack of paper on a flat surface to square up the sheets.
  3. Load your documents in the paper feeder face down and top first.
  4. Always adjust the paper guides to fit your paper and make sure your paper is under the guide’s tabs. Make sure the paper guides aren't too tight - there should be a tiny gap on either side of the page.
  5. Tap the Scan button when you’re ready to scan.
  6. If your sheets don't feed when you press Scan, lightly tap the top of the stack to push sheets down a bit further.

If you have double-sided paper to scan, use Doxie's interleaving feature to make it easy.