Web Viewer – Linux & Chrome

Doxie Web Viewer is a web-based utility that allows you to access scans from Doxie Q from any web browser. Through a web-based interface that's hosted by your Doxie itself, the utility allows access to Doxie on all platforms, including Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Doxie Web Viewer is most useful for platforms that don't have a Doxie app, like Linux and Chrome OS. You should only use Web Viewer if you need to based on your current situation or computing platform – it's a handy tool, but it's not a replacement for the full Doxie experience on your computer.

Doxie Web Viewer is like an accessory to the full Doxie desktop software – it's not a replacement for the full Doxie app, and doesn't do most of the things the full version of the software does. It's just a simple way to access your scans and download them to your device. If you're using a desktop computer like a Mac or PC that does have the full Doxie app available, or an iOS device, use the apps available for those platforms instead for the best experience.

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