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  1. Doxie Q won't turn on or charge.
  2. How do I join Doxie Q to my home or office Wi-Fi network?
  3. How do I feed and scan with Doxie Q?
  4. Why am I seeing a “reinsert paper” error?
  5. Why is Doxie not grabbing and feeding my paper?
  6. How do I get my scans to feed straight?
  7. How do I scan mixed originals?
  8. Can Doxie scan double-sided documents?
  9. What do the error codes on the screen mean?
  10. How many pages can I put in the ADF?
  11. How do I turn the beeping off?
  12. How do I organize my scans?
  13. How do I fix a “The disk was not ejected properly” error?
  14. What's the difference between Doxie Q models?

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