Wi-Fi Requirements

Doxie Q has built-in 802.11n wireless networking capabilities – to connect, use your computer or device with built-in Wi-Fi. Doxie creates its own wireless network, and can also join compatible networks in your home or office.

System Requirements

To use Doxie's direct network, you need a Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that can join Doxie's standard 802.11b/g/n wireless network.

Doxie can also join your existing home or wireless network, so you don't have to change networks to sync scans wirelessly. Doxie supports most consumer Wi-Fi networks. In this mode, Doxie offers Dual Wi-Fi for mobile connectivity: if you turn on Doxie away from your home or office network, Doxie reverts to creating its own network so you can sync your scans.

Doxie has similar requirements to most non-computer Wi-Fi devices. To join your home or office network, the network must meet these basic requirements:

What if my home or office Wi-Fi network doesn't meet Doxie's network requirements?

Use Doxie's direct network to sync scans. When Doxie isn't joined to a network, it creates its own network you can connect to from any device.

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