Doxie One has been discontinued since 2017 and is now obsolete. Limited support is available on this help site. Click here for more information. Have another model? Click here for current Doxie product support.

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  1. Doxie One sunset product status
  2. Why is Doxie freezing or not feeding with alkaline batteries?
  3. I'm having trouble feeding sheets.
  4. How do I get rid of lines on my scans? (cleaning Doxie)
  5. Why is the green light blinking?
  6. I lost my cleaning tool, calibration sheet, or photo sleeve.
  7. How do I fix a “The disk was not ejected properly” error?
  8. What do the status lights mean on my Doxie One?
  9. What kind of batteries can I use with Doxie One?
  10. Will Doxie One charge the batteries inside when connected to it’s AC adapter?
  11. Why do apps like iPhoto open when I connect Doxie?
  12. How do I staple scans into multi-page PDFs?
  13. I'm getting an "OCR Initialization Error 126" when I launch Doxie's software.

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