How long does Doxie's battery last?

When Doxie's battery is fully charged, it lasts for about 400 scans in default 300 dpi mode.

If you're seeing less than this, here's some reasons that might be the case:

What happens when the battery is low

Doxie's green or orange status light slowly flashes when the battery is getting low.
When Doxie Go SE's battery is depleted, Doxie will flash red and turn itself off automatically. Scans are retained in memory regardless of the battery status.

Replacement batteries

Doxie includes a user-replaceable battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a long but finite life. Over time and many charge cycles, any lithium-ion battery will hold less and less of a charge. Eventually, you might want to replace your Doxie's battery with a new one as a result. Read more here.

If you have further questions about battery life, contact Doxie Customer Care and let us know -- we're happy to help.