Doxie has connected to my network, but the Doxie software can’t find it.

In this case, you’ve added your network to Doxie’s settings and allowed the scanner to reboot, and the scanner has not created its own network again. This means that Doxie is now connected to your home or office network.

When you open the Doxie app on your Mac, PC, or mobile device, it should automatically discover the scanner on your network within a few seconds (2-20 seconds at most). If it doesn’t for some reason, there’s several things to try.

Most likely: You have some kind of firewall software blocking the Doxie app.

If the software can’t find your scanner, try turning off any third-party firewalls you have.

Next most likely: Does your router block the networking protocols Doxie uses to communicate?

If you know Doxie's IP address on your network, try connecting via a web browser -- it should respond there.

Take a look at the Chromecast Wi-Fi router compatibility list. Chromecast is a hardware product that, like Doxie, joins your Wi-Fi network. Is your router listed as one having compatibility issues with Chromecast? Try Google’s recommended solution to see if it that fixes it.

If there isn't a particular issue with your router on the list, try searching for your router's model number and "Chromecast" on Google, and follow any steps you find to correct router settings needed to use Chromecast with your router. If you change these settings, Doxie should work too. Contact Doxie Customer Care for expert assistance if you need help finding these conflicting settings.

You may want to check some of these settings:

Are you on a big corporate or university network with tight security controls?

Doxie’s app needs to be able to talk to the scanner. If you’re using a large corporate or university network, security controls on that network might prevent devices from talking to each other. Such a network would interfere with any device being able to talk to any other device. You’re best off using Doxie’s direct network in this case.

Are you sure that Doxie has actually joined your network?

Look again to see if the direct network appears again. Also try turning Wi-Fi off then on again on your computer or mobile device.

If you’re stuck, reset Wi-Fi on your Doxie back to factory default so you can communicate with the scanner again.