Cleaning & Care

Take care of your Doxie Pro with occasional cleaning.

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Keep Doxie protected from dust and dirt by using a soft, dry cloth to clean Doxie’s exterior. Periodically, you’ll want to clean the interior scanning glass, paper pad, and rollers.

When to Clean

Over time, dust or dirt from your paper can become stuck inside Doxie — which might cause increased paper jams, multiple pages feeding at once, streaks, lines, or dirt on scanned documents. Cleaning Doxie will get you back to scanning like new!

Frequency of cleaning depends on prolonged periods of scanning or the amount dirt on your paper.

How to Safely Clean Your Scanner

Use Doxie’s included cleaning cloth to safely clean the inside of your scanner. If you’ve lost track of the cleaning cloth, use a similar microfiber cleaning cloth.

IMPORTANT: Never use water, dirty cloths, dried out wipes, or solvents or corrosive liquids to clean any part of your scanner — like drinking alcohol, denatured alcohol, or kerosene. Your scanner could become permanently damaged.

  1. Unplug Doxie Pro from your computer and power supply
  2. Open Doxie’s top cover
  3. Press the release button to open the inner cover
  4. Using Doxie’s cleaning cloth, gently wipe the glass surface of both image sensors, paper pad, and all of the rollers. Be sure to rotate the large roller to clean the entire surface. IMPORTANT: the rollers rotate in just one direction – do not force the roller to rotate in the opposite direction.

  5. Close the interior panel until you hear a click! to confirm it’s secured in place.

Advanced Cleaning for Stubborn Dirt and Dust

Try a “wet” cleaning cycle by very lightly moistening your microfiber cleaning cloth with some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), or with a pre-moistened lens cleaning wipe, like these from Zeiss.

Follow the same cleaning directions above, but let Doxie dry for 5–10 minutes after cleaning.

If using isopropyl alcohol, we recommend using protective gloves as to not irritate sensitive skin.

If, for some reason, cleaning your scanner doesn't fix these issues, email a sample scan to and we'll be happy to take a look for you.

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