Roller replacement

Learn about Doxie's consumable roller, and how to replace it if needed.

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What's a Roller?

Scanners like Doxie Pro with ADF functionality use rollers to carefully move your paper one sheet at a time through the scanner.

With prolonged scanning, this part thins and wears out over time and eventually need to be replaced. Doxie Pro has been designed with user-replaceable pads and rollers, allowing you to make a quick and easy replacement when the time comes.

We estimate that the roller has a 100,000 page scan life before needing to be replaced (that’s a lot of scans!).

If you start seeing repeated and frequent issues of paper not feeding, multiple pages feeding at once, paper jams, or skewing, it's best to inspect the roller for signs of wear.

When to Replace

To determine if your roller is worn out, first clean your scanner and then carefully inspect the roller to see if it’s thinned, flattened, or started shedding little bits of rubber — you may see tiny bits of rubber in the compartment around the roller. If so, it’s time to replace the part.

👋 If your Doxie is relatively new, you definitely don't need to replace this part. If you’re experiencing scanning or feeding issues, Doxie likely just needs a good cleaning. Here’s how to clean Doxie Pro and get back to scanning like new!

How to Replace Doxie’s Roller

  1. Unplug Doxie Pro from your computer and power supply
  2. Open Doxie’s top cover and press the release button to open the inner panel
  3. Identify and open the roller cover by pulling its notch on the left forward
  4. Slide the blue roller to the left and then pull to remove
  5. Remove the new replacement roller from the box and clean off any dust (if present)
  6. Insert the new roller and slide it to the right to secure it in place. If it doesn’t slide all the way in, rotate it until it does!
  7. Close the roller cover until you hear it click into place. IMPORTANT: If you don’t completely close the cover it will break and damage the scanner during its next scan.
  8. Close the interior panel until you hear a CLICK! to confirm it’s secured in place.
  9. Discard the used paper pad since it can’t be reused and is a choking hazard.

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