Advanced Tethered Mode

If you’re viewing this page, you’ve activated an advanced feature called Tethered Mode, which is a specialized feature for very specific applications. Use of this feature is strongly discouraged for most users and is for experts only.

What’s Tethered Mode?

Tethered mode allows your scanner to be controlled by specialized third-party applications – such as customer database software, software in a medical practice, or another highly complex systems – which are incredibly rare for most users.

Importing your scans with an advanced third-party application like this means that your scanner is incapable of doing most of what Doxie is designed to do – including smart organization, automatic cleanup of your scans, optical character recognition, and sharing.

How do I exit Tethered Mode?

Since we strongly discourage this feature for most users, we’d recommend that you push the button on the back of your scanner to return your scanner to its normal operating state. In the future, if you’ve entered Tethered Mode again by mistake, just push the button again to deactivate.

What if I want a user-friendly way to scan while connected to my computer?

Doxie is versatile so you can use it while connected or disconnected from your computer by enabling Doxie’s smart connected scanning feature – which, unlike Tethered Mode, is user-friendly and highly recommended. Connected scanning lets you scan as much as you’d like while connected to your computer. When you’re ready to access your scans, just click Import in the Doxie app and all of your scans will appear in the app.

Do I need to be in Tethered Mode to access my scans?

Absolutely not! Doxie is designed to be used as a standalone device that stores scans to the included SD card – just like a digital camera. When you’re ready to download your scans, simply connect Doxie via USB and click the Import button in the Doxie app to download new scans.

Do I need to be in Tethered Mode to integrate with non-specialized third-party apps?

Absolutely not! When you download your scans into the Doxie app, you’ll simply use the in-app Send and Cloud buttons to share your scans to your favorite apps and cloud services.

I really do want to use the advanced Tethered Mode feature!

See here for more information.