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  1. My Doxie isn’t turning on.
  2. How do I join Doxie to my home or office Wi-Fi network?
  3. What do the status lights mean on my Doxie?
  4. How do I get rid of lines on my scans?
  5. How do I staple scans into multi-page PDFs?
  6. Why isn’t the Doxie app recognizing the scanner when it’s connected via USB?
  7. Why is the red LED on?
  8. Why does my scanner keep turning off?
  9. Doxie won't scan and has a flashing red light.
  10. Doxie won't scan and has a solid white light.
  11. I’m having trouble feeding sheets.
  12. I lost one of Doxie Go SE's included accessories.

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