Scanning thick paper with Doxie Go SE

  1. Firmly insert the paper to the left, face up, and level.
  2. Adjust the paper guide to the width of the paper – not too tight!
  3. Hold the sheet in firmly until Doxie starts feeding automatically.

When scanning thick paper, it's important to hold the paper against the rollers until you feel Doxie grab and pre-feed. Otherwise, the scanner might not grab it.

If you see stalling, skewing, or skipping as Doxie scans...

Doxie should feed your documents cleanly and evenly. If it's not, this is usually indicative of a Doxie that has dirty rollers – little bits of paper have built up on the rollers which reduce the friction needed for Doxie to scan evenly.

Most often, dirty rollers will cause this sort of trouble with thicker paper, but it's possible with all kinds of paper. Clean your Doxie's rollers, and your stalling and skipping days shall pass.

How thick is too thick?

Doxie Go SE has a maximum thickness of 0.68 mm. That'll totally cover most all photos, business cards, cardstock, and other thick paper. Plastic cards, ID cards, and credit cards are too thick to feed reliably. So, we don't recommend scanning plastic cards with Doxie Go SE. [Read more.]

Scanning specific kinds of thick paper