Unpack Doxie Pro

Haven't unpacked your Doxie Pro yet? The best time to do so is right now! Watch us unpack our Doxie and take off all the protective material.

To remove Doxie Pro from its box, lift both sides of the styrofoam and remove it from the box. Then, remove Doxie Pro from the styrofoam and take it out of its bag.

Remove all protective plastics, orange tape, moisture absorption pack (not pictured), foam strips, control panel film (← important!), and removable stickers.

To remove the foam strips and orange tape, you’ll need to open the scanner by pressing the inner cover's release button.

🎥 Watch Video: How to Open the Inner Cover

The scanner will pop open and you’ll be able to see inside. After you remove the foam, close the inner cover until you hear a nice, big click!.

👋 IMPORTANT: Doxie's desktop software is required for use — you must install the most recent version before connecting Doxie to your computer for the first time.

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