Paper Guides & Moving Parts

Check out Doxie Pro's moving parts, and how they work.

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How to Use Paper Guides

  1. Open Doxie and slide the paper guides to the sides
  2. Flip up the guide tabs until you hear them click! into place
  3. After loading paper, adjust the paper guides to the width of your paper (not too tight!)
  4. Make sure the paper is under the guide's tabs

How to Use the Paper Support

  1. Raise the paper support
  2. Flip up its extension piece to support tall paper

How to Open the Direct Feed Slot

How to Open the Inner Cover

You’ll sometimes need to access to the inside of your scanner for unpacking, scanner maintenance, and clearing paper jams or other errors. The video below shows how to open and properly close your scanner.

Access this area by using the inner cover’s release button. The scanner will pop open and you’ll be able to see inside. When you’re done, close the inner cover until you hear a nice, big click!

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