Automatic Document Feeder

Scan everyday documents with Doxie Pro's automatic document feeder (ADF) – up to 20 sheets at once, and as quick as 2.7 seconds per page (that's fast).

Scan regular documents with Doxie's automatic document feeder (ADF). Quickly scan up to 20 sheets at once, and as quick as 2.7 seconds per page. For slightly heavier paper, scan a smaller stack of 8–10 pages at the same quick speed.

Doxie Pro's ADF quickly scans regular stacks of paper thanks to its supportive paper guides and specialized rollers, and slightly curved design. For paper that's not meant to curve or bend — like photos, business cards, thick paper, etc. — use Doxie's direct feed slot instead.

🎥 Watch: Videos more your speed? Check out our ADF scanning video walkthrough.

  1. Connect Doxie
    After connecting to power, connect Doxie to your computer, and launch the Doxie desktop software. (Learn how to connect here)

  2. Get Ready
    - Open Doxie and slide the paper guides to the sides.
    - Flip up the guide tabs until you hear them click! into place.
    - Raise the paper support and flip up its extension piece.

    📌 Keep the direct feed slot closed while scanning via ADF.
  3. Load Your Paper
    - Tap your stack of documents to straighten up any unruly paper.
    - Load your paper straight, face down, and top first.

  4. Check The Fit
    - Adjust the paper guides to the width of your paper (not too tight!)
    - Make sure the paper is under the guide's tabs!

  5. Start Scanning!
    - Pick a scanning mode from the toolbar in Doxie's software (we recommend Smart Auto).
    - Then, either click the “Scan” button in Doxie’s software or tap “Scan” on Doxie’s physical control panel. Your scan will load a few moments after scanning stops.

    📌Doxie has three default scanning modes that are ideal (and recommended!) for most users and scanning situations — learn more about them here.

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