Introduction & Download

Understand the basics of Doxie’s desktop software and download the latest version.

Before connecting Doxie to your Mac or PC, download Doxie’s desktop software. The software helps you scan your documents, optimizes your scans, sends them to the cloud, creates searchable PDFs, and much more.

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Doxie’s software makes it easy to organize, stack, save, and share your scans. It offers a range of features including automatic image optimization, PDF creation, saving to local and cloud apps, and much more.

The perfect inbox for your scans

Scans live here until you do something with them. Leave them as long as you'd like. There's no limit to the number of pages you can store.

Combine scans into a single multi-page stack

Drag to arrange scans in the order you want them, hold the shift key, select the scans you want to join, and click Staple. Save or send it as a PDF and this stack will be saved as a single file with multiple pages.

Adjust name, cropping, rotation, and more

Doxie automatically optimizes your scans, but you can also double-click any scan to manually adjust its name, crop, rotation, and contrast.

Make your documents searchable

Search, copy, and paste your text with ease. AI-enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) recognizes the text in your documents. Save documents as PDFs w/OCR to create searchable files.

Save, send, and share your scans

Save to your computer, send to a local app, or upload to the cloud. Visit the Preferences menu to select your favorite apps and cloud services.