Scanner Overview

Learn about Doxie Pro's parts, two paper feeding trays, buttons, and ports.
Part Name
Top Cover

Protects Doxie from dust when closed and not in use
When open, it functions as Doxie’s Automatic Document Feeder’s (ADF) paper tray (#8)

OLED Display

Displays Doxie's statuses and messages

Scan Button

Starts a scan while connected to Doxie’s desktop software

Power Button

Turns Doxie on and off
Hold for one second to turn on and for three seconds to turn off

Power Port
Connects Doxie to the included power supply
Micro-USB Port

Connects Doxie to your computer with the included USB cable. Pick the included cable that matches your computer’s type of USB port.

Paper Support

Holds documents of various lengths while scanning with the ADF
To access: raise and flip up extension

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Paper Tray

Holds regular printer paper (up to 20 pages) while scanning. Learn how to scan here

IMPORTANT: Keep the direct feed slot (#11) closed while scanning via ADF. Failure to do so will cause pages to exit the ADF out of order.

Paper Guides

Ensures straight feeding when raised and adjusted to fit the width of your paper — the paper should sit below the guide tabs
Paper guide tabs will securely "click!" into place when fully raised

Inner Cover Release Button

Allows access to the inside of your scanner for unpacking, scanner maintenance, and clearing paper jams or other errors
The inner cover will securely "click!" into place when fully closed

Direct Feed Slot

Holds single-page items flat while scanning — designed for thick or damaged paper like photos, business cards, drawings, heavily wrinkled paper, and more. Learn how to scan here]

IMPORTANT: Keep this part closed while scanning via ADF (#8). Failure to do so will cause pages to exit the ADF out of order.

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