Which Feeder Should I Use?

Use Doxie's ADF for long receipts that are at least 2" wide and the direct feed slot for very short, very narrow, or very thin receipts.

How to Scan Receipts

In general, long receipts scan best with Doxie's ADF thanks to its dedicated paper guides to keep it straight. However, if you're scanning very thin, narrow, or fragile receipts, use the direct feed slot. If the receipt is long, be sure to support it as it feeds through the direct feed slot.

Some receipts can be persnickety, so if you have trouble, try the other feeder.

How to Scan Extra Long Receipts

To enable scanning paper over 14” long (Doxie's default scanning length), hold down the Control/"Ctrl" button on your keyboard (bottom left corner) while clicking the Scan button in Doxie’s software.


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