Regular Stacks of Paper

Which Feeder Should I Use?

Use Doxie's ADF. Doxie's direct feed slot is best suited to short, narrow, thick, or fragile items. While you can regular paper in it, the ADF paper guides give your items the most amount of support. Keep the direct feed slot closed while scanning via ADF.

How to Scan Regular Paper

Whether you're scanning one sheet or 20, you'll scan with Doxie in the same way. Follow Doxie Pro's standard how to scan with the automatic document feeder for step-by-step directions.

How to Scan Documents Over 20 Pages

Doxie's software can handle turning large documents into a single file. If your document has more pages than the capacity of the feeder, scan multiple batches, then staple the batches together in Doxie's software to create a single stack.

How to Scan Paper with Different Widths

Scanning stacks of paper that are all the same width works best (and is recommended!). However, if you need to scan a stack of papers of different widths, arrange the pages so that they are all centered in stack with wider pages at the back of the stack and narrowest in the front.

📌 We suggest that you avoid scanning drastically narrower paper (like receipts) at the same time as wider paper. In a stack like this, the paper guides support your widest piece of paper, so subsequent narrow pages may skew without the dedicated support of the paper guides.


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